Données de nouveau membres de famille

Malheureusement nous n'avons pas encore traduit cette ecran. Prière de utiliser cette version anglaise ou la version allemande.

This data entry screen allows you to input the data of family members who are not yet listed in our family tree. The data entry screen is meant to make life easier for our historian. Many thanks for using it.

All fields marked with an asterix (*) are compulsory. Should you not know some of the compulsory data (e.g. the birth date or the birth place of a family member who died long ago), please just use the value 'unknown' or a ficticious date like 1.1.1900. If a calender date is not known you may also input calendar years, specifying with a prefix like 'approximately', 'before' or 'after' if need be.


Data of the new family member



You may use the field for notes (see below) to enter data of further spouses/partners.

Children from this partnership


You may use the field for notes (see below) to enter data of further children and children from other partners.


You may use the field shown below for complimentary information such as your publications, distinctions awarded or further children, partners etc. You may also use this field for a message to the historian.

Addresse of the entered person

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