A. Printed sources

Leu, Schweizerisches Lexikon [Swiss Lexicon], Vol. XVII (Zurich 1762). pp. 481ff.
Holzhalb, Supplementum zu Leu's Schweizerischem Lexikon [Supplement to Leu’s Swiss Lexicon], Vol. V (Zurich 1791), pp. 591 ff.
M. Lutz, Baslerisches Bürger‑Buch [Book of the Burghers of Basel]. Basel 1819.
Joh. Tonjola, Basilea sepulta. Basileae [Buried Basel. Basil] 1661.
H. Weiß, Basilea sepulta. Basel 1830.
H. Weiß, Verzeichnis der 1730‑1819 in Basel getrauten Ehen [Catalogue of marriages in Basel, 1730-1819]. Basel 1819.
Thomas und Felix Platters Leben [Life of Thomas and Felix Platter], published by H. Boos. Leipzig 1878.
Basler Chroniken [Basel Chronicles], Vol. I‑VIII. Leipzig 1872-1945.
G. Schönberg, Finanzverhältnisse der Stadt Basel im 14. and 15. Jahrhundert [Finances of the City of Basel in the 14th and 15th centuries]. Tübingen 1879.
P. Buxtorf, Gräber und Grabinschriften im Vorderen Kreuzgang zu St. Leonhard [Graves and epitaphs in the front cloister of St. Leonhard’s].
Basler Jahrbuch [Annals of Basel] 1944.
W. R. W.R.Stähelin, Wappenbuch der Stadt Basel [City of Basel Roll of Arms]. Basel 1918.
Die gemalten Glasscheiben im Schützenhause zu Basel (Eigentum der Feuerschützengesellschaft). Beitrag zur Schützengeschichte Basels von Th. Gloor, ehemaligem Gesellschafts-Archivar [The stained glass windows in the Basel Guardhouse (Property of the Fire Insurance Company). Contribution to the history of the city guards by Th. Gloor, former company archivist]. Basel 1902.
Leichenpredigten (Falkeisensche Sammlung auf der Basler Universitätsbibliothek) [Funeral sermons (Falkeisen Collection in Basel University Library].
Books of numbers and addresses.
Industry registers with corporate information and organisational charts.
Regimental book
Official cantonal journal.

B. Manuscript sources

1. National archives

Basel parish records of baptisms, marriages and deaths.
Minutes of Council meetings.
Minutes of Cantonal Parliament meetings
Council record books
Public record books
Municipal court decisions and judgments
Konrad Schnitt’s Roll of Arms.
Roll of Arms of the Wholesalers‘ Guild
War List of the Italian campaigns
Account books
Register of Basel families
Historical Land Register.
Trade registers since 1720,

Account books of Basel City Canton.

ll. Registry Office

Register of Births, Register of Marriages and Register of Deaths.
Family Book.

III. University library

Card index
University enrolment register.
Personal information drawn from official documents by Benedict Meyer-Kraus.
Handwritten biographies by Benedict Meyer-Kraus. Genealogical notes by Joh. Rud. Burckhardt, State Prosecutor.

lV. Historisches Museum

Roll of Arms of the Winegrowers‘, Blacksmiths‘ and Gardeners‘ Guilds.

V. Private collections

Family tree, several copies by J. J. Schneider-Gyßler.
Notes by Ed. Stehelin‑Imhof.
Notes by Prof. Felix Stähelin-Schwarz.

C. Family members

The contemporary facts in the family tree are mostly based on messages received from family members.