A Basel family since 1520

The publication on the 500 year old family history.

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A Basel family since 1520

In 1520, five hundred years ago, a craftsman named Hans Stehelin, who had probably immigrated from the German neighborhood, was granted citizenship of the city of Basel.

Genealogy made him the progenitor. To mark the occasion, the Stähelin'sche Familienfonds commissioned two historians to research the history of the family since then and to report on the result in a book.

The result is a work that traces the history of the family as a mirror of the respective events of the time. While reading, one learns a lot about the family, but also a lot of interesting facts about Basel and interesting socio-historical processes. The book is published by CMS-Verlag with the title "Eine Basler Familie seit 1520" with ISBN 978-3-85616-902-2. In Switzerland the book is available from the publisher and in bookstores. Worldwide, it can be obtained from Idea Books, the international distribution partner of CMS-Verlag.

Because family members are now scattered around the globe and German speakers are a minority, a digital version in English has also been released. Family members click below to download.