At its meeting of 2 February 2010, the Management Board of the Stähelin Family Fund decided to put the Deeds and Statutes of the Fund into practice by adopting the following guidelines for its financial support policy.

1. Emergency assistance

The Family foundations support descendants in difficulty when their own resources and the resources of immediate relatives (those with a statutory duty to support them) have been exhausted and there is no right to assistance from the state or third parties. The assessment of hardship is based on the minimum subsistence level and the personal circumstances of the individual in financial need.

In order to prevent someone from slipping into dependency on public assistance, support can also be given for a limited period of time so that the person does not have to claim state (or third party) benefits.

The arrangements for repaying the emergency assistance granted are based on the size of the aid given and the resulting change in the individual’s personal and pecuniary circumstances.e

2. Support for education

The Family Fund can lend money to pay for courses of training or education provided that they cannot be otherwise financed from the resources of the person involved, family members, the state or third parties. These loans are usually interest-free. The repayment periods and rates are based on the borrower’s personal circumstances once the course of education has been completed.

3. Secured loans

The Family Fund and the Family Foundation can allocate 10% of their resources in the form of secured loans to family members, if the projects financed through these loans are of particular significance for the borrwer’s life and are not financed by the usual lenders. The interest on these loans is based on market conditions (reference rate of interest).