Example I: Pensioner

A childless pensioner living on old age and survivors‘ insurance benefits and supplementary allowances receives a monthly grant that enables her to improve her life without having to make drastic changes (moving house).

The beneficiary remembers the Family Foundation in her will.
(Fictitious example)

Example II: Hardship following natural disaster

In November 2008, the federal states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul were affected by serious floods. According to the authorities, over 1.5 million people were affected. More than 60 people died, many went missing. Several provinces were without electricity, in many places public life was at a standstill. A state of emergency was declared.

Elpidio, a member of the branch of the family that emigrated to Brazil, was also affected. The first email message from Brazil contained the following report (extract translation from Portuguese):

“Elpidio Stähelin Hammes’house is completely destroyed and he has lost all his worldly goods. Elpidio is the father of 2 daughters, but they are currently in temporary emergency accommodation provided by the local authority because Aunt Julia is unable to take them. Her house has been evacuated by the authorities and no-one can go in because the walls have cracks and the house is in imminent danger of collapsing.”

A little later we received the following email (extract translation from Portuguese):

"Elpidio is now in local authority accommodation with his family, where they are being fed and have received a minimum of clothing. Once the timber house they want to build for themselves is ready, they will lose the right to public assistance. They have to buy all the furnishings because they have lost everything. ... (Elpidio) has lost his job in an auto repair shop and is being helped as much as possible by his siblings, but their houses have been affected to a certain extent too. ... They have no insurance and the government has still not agreed to give any help.”

The Stähelin Family Fund granted Elpidio USD 7,000. With that money and with a great deal of personal effort by the whole family, Elpidio was able to rebuild his house.