Since 1913, the ‘Stähelin Family Fund’ and the family Stehelin/Stähelin/Staehelin maintain an archive under the custody of the 'Staatsarchiv Basel' [official archive of the City of Basel] as private archive number 182. It contains a large number of documents such as deeds, protocols, letters, diaries, travelogues, pictures etc. concering members of our family.

Unfortunately still today, it happens quite often that objects or documents which might be important to document the history of our family, are lost in the course of a change of domicile, inheritance, liquidation of estates or similar events. Should you be in doubt whether any object or document might be of interest for the family archive, please do not hesitate to contact our historian or the Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt, PO Box, 4001 Basel, Switzerland.

The contents of the family archive are kept in strict confidentiality i.e. third parties need an authorisation by a member of the board of the ‘Stähelin Family Fund’ in order to obtain access to the archive.