The Stehelin - Stähelin – Staehelin family of Basel

The patriarch of the Stehelin - Stähelin - Staehelin family of Basel was the Redheaded Ropemaker, Hans Stehelin, who was granted citizenship of Basel in 1520.

The members of this family share:

  • Two foundations, one established in 1739, one in 1894.
  • A family reunion during which family members get together, held in Basel every five years. The last of these events was on 29 August 2015. The next one is scheduled for 5 September 2020 marking the 500 years since the Redheaded Ropemaker was Granaten the citizenship of Basel.
  • A family tree that will soon go back 500 years and documents two thousand descendants and their (marriage) partners.
  • An interest in the family history.